The Smile Connection

The future of teeth whitening is finally here!

No Surgery Required

Don't spend lots of money on painful surgery to get the pearly white teeth you have always wanted!

Everything You Need

One kit for everything you will need! Our Smile Connection kit includes everything you need to start your teeth whitening treatment, the right way!

Durable And Strong

Not only will you keep your teeth healthy and strong, but our product is built with durability in mind. You will never need to replace it!

Stay Comfortable!

There is zero discomfort when using our amazing teeth whitening kit! It’s pain free, and having clean white teeth is our objective!

Take It Anywhere

Our kit is travel sized, and portable. You can take it anywhere, and never have to worry about not having white teeth!

Healthy Smile

We love seeing pictures of our customers with a healthy, and perfect white smile! Be one of them and get started today!

The Smile Connection Kit

What are you getting in your The Smile Connection pack?

1x Premium Case
4x Whitening Solution Syringes
2x Premium Top/Bottom Teeth Trays
1x Premium Top/Bottom Teeth Trays
1x Advanced Whitening Light


Glycerin: We’ve included Glycerin for its effectiveness at delivering teeth whitening agents deep into the enamel, allowing The Smile Connection to provide fast teeth whitening results.

Carbamide (Peroxide) -22% - The primary active ingredient or bleaching agent in our professional grade whitening gel. It is essentially a variation of Hydrogen Peroxide and combined with the unique adherence properties of this specially formulated gel, it provides the chemical reaction required to safely whiten your teeth. 22% represents the amount of the active ingredient Carbamide Peroxide as a percentage of all gel ingredients. It makes sure your teeth are at their gleaming whitest after use.

Mint – Gives The Smile Connection a pleasant taste that leaves your breath smelling fresh after use.

EDTA: EDTA helps to purify teeth and remove many of the toxins that contribute to a yellow smile. When those toxins are removed, powerful teeth whitening can take place. And Essence